“It’ll Climb Anything”

Building among ski slopes presesnts many challenges. When Giants Ridge, a golf and ski resort in Biwabik, Minn., decided to create a new hiking trail it knew it would need a machine that could navigate the terrain without disrupting the existing ski runs. So, it turned to a Morooka MST-700VD from Road Machinery & Supplies Co.

“To get the material from the bottom of the hill to the top is very challenging,” explained Sean Peyla, who serves as Director of Mountain Operations and Facilities. “It’s very steep and rocky, but the Morooka handled it well.”

The rubber track carrier was designed to haul material in and out of challenging jobsites while producing very low ground pressure, a bonus when traversing up a mountain between established ski runs.

“Without the Morooka we probably would have tried to utilize dump trucks or loaders, but that method would have probably created ruts all over the ski hill,” noted Peyla. “The Morooka left very little footprint.” 

The midsize carrier features a 93-horsepower Kubota V3800 Tier 4i engine and boasts a maximum payload of 9,460 pounds, exerting a ground pressure of just 3. 6 psi.

The MST-700VD also comes standard with a reversible seat, enabling the operator to face in the direction of operation, even in reverse.

“Instead of having to turn your head when backing up, you can just swivel the chair,” said Maintenance Specialist Jared Ferdig.

“It’s easy to operate, and you can get into small areas and move to wherever you need to go. It’ll climb anything.”

See it in action here:

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