15Jan, 2021

MST-700VD Helps RMS and Customer at Giants Ridge Resort

Building among ski slopes presesnts many challenges. When Giants Ridge, a golf and ski resort in Biwabik, Minn., decided to create a new hiking trail it knew it would need a machine that could navigate the terrain without disrupting the existing ski runs. So, it turned to a Morooka MST-700VD from Road Machinery & Supplies Co.

08May, 2017

Morooka’s MST800VD Carrier is Platform of Choice for Tool Carriers

The Morooka MST800VD rubber track carrier is the platform of choice for off-road field service vehicles, including tool carriers. The operator-friendly carriers with ROPS cabins can be made to order and are available in factory-direct configurations that include choice of dump bed, flatbed or no bed. The dump bed option features an easy conversion to a flatbed configuration via simple removal of sides and tailgate.

07Apr, 2017

Meet the Morooka MST2200VD Rubber Track Carrier

Built in Ashland, Virginia by Morooka USA, the MST2200VD rubber track carrier is powered by a robust, powerful CAT® C7.1 250 hp T4-final engine. Whether it is used for transporting mats, personnel or other tools or equipment, the maximum payload of 24,255 pounds makes the MST200VD a workhorse in the pipeline construction and maintenance industries.

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